Practice Areas

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Our firm specializes in employment-related law including harassment, #metoo, discrimination (race, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, national origin, and religion), FMLA retaliation and interference, FLSA and wage / overtime violations, whistleblower law, and related law. We are a litigation firm where we prosecute or defend such actions.

School-Focused Laws (Title IX, assaults, disability harassment)

Our firm specializes in school-related causes of actions involving severe harassment, bullying, assaults, and related injuries in schools including disability harassment and Title IX cases. The firm is particularly experienced in Title IX cases, having taken on large complex cases in litigation including those involving sexual assault.


Our firm litigates contract actions that occur in the context of business, as well as conducts some transactional work representing executives, reviewing employment agreements, severance agreements, and related work.